by Shark City

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released February 16, 2015

All music written by Chris Bouroutzis and Boris Zahariev.

All lyrics written by Chris Bouroutzis.

Produced, mixed and mastered by Chris Bouroutzis at Sound Solid Studios, London UK (www.facebook.com/soundsolidstudios).



all rights reserved


Shark City London, UK

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Track Name: Jump The Fuck Up
And here we meet you and us again ... so jump the fuck up motherfucker!

Jump the fuck up!
Let's burn this place to the fucking ground
Jump the fuck up!
Let us destroy everything around
Jump the fuck up!
Jump the fuck up ... now
Track Name: Shark City
In a city, oh so dark
Full of vultures, full of sharks
I sweat and bleed digging my way
To a brighter, better day

Blinded by wealth and success
They have gathered for the mass
They have gathered for the feast
They’re all here to feast on me ... in hell

For people like you there’s a special place in hell
For people like you there’s a special place in ...

This city’s the enemy
Trying so hard to consume me
She will never rest until she watches me go down
Living among predators
They’ve managed to build a kingdom
Eating each other alive to earn a blackened crown

Wolfs and Sharks
Try to rip me apart
Snakes and Vultures
Kings of a blackened culture

Living dead and vampires
They have built an empire
So sick and rotten to the core
They feast on the week and the poor

Babylonian Kings and Queens
All slaves to a big machine
But I won’t rest, I will not turn
Until I watch this kingdom burn
Track Name: When There's No More Room In Hell
You’ve spent your days going after
money and success
Now you’re a slave to your
American express
But one day you’ll find out there’s
Things money can’t buy
And that the life you’ve lived was
Nothing but a lie

All your rainbows painted grey
All your dreams faded away

Nine to five, Monday to Friday
They walk the earth
Choking in suit and tie, begging
For a rebirth
Nine to five, Monday to Friday
They go to hell
Eaten alive by a monster
They’ve served so well

So was it worth this filthy
Empire you’ve built
When you put yourself to sleep
With regret and guilt
Secretly craving thoughts and dreams
That you once had
Now every morning all you do’s
Waking up dead

Live a life of dying days
Fucked up by the money chase

When there's no more room in hell ... the dead will walk the earth

Are they alive? Are they asleep?
Or just fallen in this too deep?
Will they come back? Will they return?
Or are they all condemned to burn?

As I look into their dead eyes
They’re trying to come back to life
But for this now it is too late
What’s done is done, they’ve sealed their fates

Now you reign in hell
Track Name: Funeral Party
Come let’s fuck shit up
Let’s do this all together
Little do we know
We will not live forever
In this house each of us
Is an equal member
So let us make sure
This day will be remembered

Yeah ... so let us live like the end of all days is here

Cause hell means home
And this is why
We all still refuse to say “die”
As our own funeral won’t be on time

So here’s to us
and to this day
Cause time is up, but death’s delayed
And when we’ll die we know but will not say

Time is not our friend
It’s always been against us
Ticking and tocking away
Trying to break us
But let’s raise a glass
And drink away the sorrow
Let us live today
Like there is no tomorrow

We are not afraid of dying
We are not afraid of dying

If we go to hell, we go together
Hand in hand we’ll keep marching forever
If there’s no way back we’ll just keep going
Feeding this monster so it keeps growing

It will grow ... and swallow this world whole

Hell is home for the restless
Hell is home for the reckless
Hell is home for the restless
Hell is home so let us go home
Track Name: Demons Never Sleep
Life bows to no one but to the brave
So to the game I remain a slave
Searching for purpose and for ideals
To live and to die for

I keep my failures locked in the past
I chase a dream so I cannot rest
Forever restless I will go on
Death I do fear no more

With pleasure I take the blame
Give this life up for the game

Dancing with the devil
For this life I choose
All of this life’s treasures
I’m prepared to loose
I’d rather die trying
The promise to keep
Restless and relentless
Demons never sleep

For I am no coward, I am not week
Far is the kingdom restless I seek
I’ve been through the storm and so now I
Ain’t afraid of dying

All that you have is all you deserve
For your own dreams you refused to serve
That’s why you will be left with the shame
For not even trying

All you cowards do is talk
But you never walk the walk

If you’re following my footsteps
Think about it well
It ain’t heaven where we’re going
It’s most likely hell

If you’re not afraid of hardship
If you’re made of stone
And refuse to let life break you
Then you’re not alone
Track Name: The Poison
You’re poisoned!

The predators at the top of the food chain
They try for centuries to poison your brain
Here they are still trying to rip your eyes out
To steal your free will and then eat your mind out

A system so complex, of perfect construction
The path it puts you on it leads to destruction
It tries to poison you so then it can fool you
And all those pigs in suits are able to rule you

Break down the walls!
Break down the system to it’s core
Break down the walls!
Slave to their kingdom be no more
Break down the walls!
Burn down their palaces and crowns
Break down the walls!
No rest until we bring them down
Break down the walls!

Vultures and sharks in control of the masses
From where they pass all they leave back is ashes
They fear the day when we will stand united
That’s why they’re trying to keep us divided

Their poison’s hate and it makes brother kill brother
Their poison’s fear, to make us fear one another
Their Poison’s ignorance that leads into blindness
And when they’re done with you they will leave you lifeless

Death to tyrants!

All slaves to a system
With it’s filth it feeds them
Turns them into monsters
They do walk amongst us

Only one solution
Global revolution
Rise against the tyrant
And destroy this giant
Track Name: Live Life Hard
Fuck all the things that try to bind you
Leave all that shit behind you
Follow the voice inside you
Find you

Fuck it, you know life’s now or never
We will not live forever
Let’s drink to this together

Do or Die! Mother fucker!
Open your eyes there is nowhere to hide

Live life like the end of days is here
Party hard, make sorrow disappear
Time’s the only real enemy
So let’s live, come don’t bitch out on me

Live life like there is no tomorrow
With booze and blow kill sorrow
No time for feeling hollow
Fuck no
Parties with sex and drugs we’re throwing
This monster keeps on growing
A secret worth of knowing
You’re in

Live life hard! Motherfucker!
The life we live is what will leave us scarred

Live the life like there ain’t no tomorrow!

Let’s do this!

Will you live life or just stand there and stare
I do not care
I had the balls to face life on my own
Fearless I’ve grown

Fuck off and die!
If you waste life living it like a lie
Fuck off and die!
Life is a bitch then you grow old and die
Fuck off and die!
Fuck off and die!
Fuck off and die!
Fuck off and die!
Track Name: London's Calling
1,2,3 let’s go ...

What put me upon this journey
That led me here where snakes and vultures try to rape my soul
As this city feasts upon me
And in return she promises that she will make me whole
She offered me stars and diamonds
And other goods my simple mind found too good to believe
Drifting far North of the river
I realized that this dark city I will never leave

North of the river I begged for the truth
I sold my soul to London and gave her my youth

London’s calling – She wants to feast upon you
London’s calling – She wants to feast upon you
London’s calling – She wants to feast upon you
London’s calling – She wants to feast upon your youth

One more time let’s go ...

Young and blinded by desire
I followed the fox to a place from where was no return
Fed my hunger with her fire
She whispered that instead of fading out I’d rather burn
Introduced to her sensation
Out in her streets I felt feeling I’ve never felt before
Hypnotized by her temptation
Among her devils I found angels so I fear no more

Blinded so well by her glittering lights
So I can’t see the monster that she is inside

Unlike other mortal kingdoms
She still refuses to fall
Time has not an impact on her
Ageless London still stands tall
From the moment that she chose me
I reached out and took her hand
She is home and she’s forever
I am hers until the end
Track Name: Restless
There’s no sleep, there’s no rest
There’s no way ‘round this test
I live life day by day and I’m learning
There’s no rest, there’s no sleep
But there’s secrets to keep
For the path I have chosen is burning

Endless days the road gets longer
Endless nights my will gets stronger
No way back so I keep going
It won’t die so it keeps growing

No rest, no sleep, no way back from this curse
No way for me to find peace of mind
Searching and searching the search just goes on
Even if there is nothing to find

Restless days so unforgiving
Restless nights no reason why
Restless is the way I’m living
Restless is the way I’ll die

Restless days I do still wonder
Restless nights can’t please my hunger
I am driven by desire
Through the storm and through the fire

I won’t let go, until I know

I keep going cause it’s worth of knowing
I keep going cause I wonna know it all

I cannot rest, I am driven by fire

And the harder it gets to live with no regrets
I stay focused on the path I’ve chosen
I’m not drifting away, I just wait for the day
But it seems to me like time has frozen
Track Name: Empire
I was born to burn this kingdom to the ground

Born to witness kingdoms rise to fall
Born to witness leaders rule, then crawl
What comes up is destined to go down
Distant echoes of a hollow crown

I’ve watched this kingdom rise
I’ll watch this kingdom fall
I will not close by eyes
Until I watch them crawl

I’ve watched this kingdom rise
So one day it can burn
And we will celebrate
Soon, when the tables turn

Buried in dust and time
We’ve waited for the sign
Now that the stars align
We cross the line

To set our people
From the captivity
The social slavery
The real enemy

Babylon system’s an empire
But it’s soon gonna end in fire
Those who reigned in blood we will make bleed
Watch them on each other as they feed

For centuries they try
My people to enslave
So all I’m praying for’s
To dance upon their graves

What’s taken we’ll take back
What’s ruined we’ll restore
The empire we’ll break
Down to it’s fucking core

Burn them down!
Burn them down!
Burn them down!
With fire
Burn them down!
Empire burn